I have been teaching American History through experiencial travel for over 20 years. This hobby provides the perfect opportunity for me to hone my understanding of the shared experiences of our Founding Fathers and inspires me to provide a better touring experience for my groups.
Scott Mac Scott
I became interested in joining to learn what it was like for my ancestor who fought in the entire war. I do not know if his wife was a camp follower. They would be with their husbands for survival and protection, but I portray one to educate the public. A bonus is attending battles he actually fought in, to be on the ground, learn what he experienced, it is humbling. It has become even more special for me as more members of my family have joined the regiment!
Judy Leach Wolf
To see the excitement, wonder and interest in the spectators both young and old is both exhilarating and a fulfilling sense of accomplishment for educating people in our heritage.
Thomas Johannessen Sr
I enjoy doing historical events in the Hudson Valley where I lived my whole life.
LeRoy Hogan
I love reenacting and have meet some wonderful people who share my passion.
LJ Wood