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About Today's 5th New York

We are a dedicated group of living historians based in the Hudson Valley of New York State. We strive to learn and recreate the lives and sacrifices of the original Fifth New York from the Revolutionary War. In a small way we experience what they experienced. By doing this we become educators; we not only teach the visiting public, we teach ourselves.

We hope that you enjoy your visit here to our “cyber camp” on the web. This website is very much like the drummer’s call or the dispatch of old. Use it to learn about whom we are and what we do. Should you be intrigued by what you see, we would welcome you to visit us or to join us.

The Modern 5th New York was organized in 2001. Member Jim Johnson and Joe Ryan discussed creating the regiment that tried to defend Fort Montgomery while speeding in a car at 70 mph…the idea being neither could escape and get out until it was agreed upon. Needless to say they both consented with eachother’s help to get the 5th Started. An inactive unit, the Shore Guard was slowly transformed into the 5th New York. With the help of Ed Burr and other old Shore Guard members, the bank account and membership were changed over to the new regiment. New members joined and the 5th grew and grew. The 5th N.Y. joined the Brigade of the American Revolution and the Continental Line (These are the two biggest revolutionary war organizations) and gained access to bigger more intense events. The regiment became a 501c3 non-profit organization in 2011. The rest is history in the making!

Photo by D. Santalis

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